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Manchester Science Festival – Super Science Day

Manchester Science Festival – Super Science Day

We was delighted to be given the opportunity to be part of Manchester Science Festival. This festival of all things science runs from 19th October to 29th October. We brought along our Code-A-Drone workshop as part of Super Science Day on 21st October to help showcase the amazing things possible with technology.

Manchester Science Festival is the most popular of it’s kind within the country. The festival is produced by the Museum of Science and Industry.

Manchester Science Festival held many events and workshops across 52 different spots in Greater Manchester. Activities including; robot dancers, human dancers, experiments, demonstrations and a interactive spider inspired installation made from tape.

Here we are as seen in the programme booklet for Super Science Day.

#MSF17 Programme Booklet


Code-A-Drone at Super Science Day

Manchester Central Library was our chosen venue for our Code-A-Drone workshop. We’ve worked alot with them in them past so it’s great to be in familar terriority.

Our Code-A-Drone workshop ran as free drop in sessions throughout the entire day. Lasting from 12pm until 4pm.

Every participant is provided with their own iPad and a mini-drone. During this activity, participants learn how to code a mini-drone to take off, fly, turn, do stunts and land safely. 

In each session we try to pack in as much fun as possible within 45 minutes. With a brief introduction to coding, and hands on support at the ready, we make sure everybody has ample opportunities to fly their own drone with success.  

Participants are then given a range of challenges that put these new skills to the test. As always, we like to build up a bit of competition and encourage group work within our sessions.

All participants at our workshops receive a special certificate from us for demonstrating their drone flying abilities. As seen, lots of people became pilots on this day thanks to our hands on training. We had 40 young people roughly come to our sessions in total. 


 Final Thoughts

Code-A-Drone at Super Science Day was a success. We would like to thank Manchester Science Festival for organising such a large scale event dedicated to all things scientific. As well, a thank you to the families and young people, who came to the sessions and expressed lots of enthusism throughout the day.