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Sound Effects (Foley)

Project Outline

Our sound effects workshop is a ‘hands on’ workshop where participants get creative, recording sound effects and foley for block buster film trailers. Our sound effect and foley workshop has two delivery options.


We bring the cinema and recording studio to you so that the group can record their sound effects as they are watching the film on the big screen. Once all the sounds are recorded we add effects to make them fit perfectly with the film.


Each participant works individually on an iPad to create and record sound effects to the movie. Once all of the sound effects are recorded the participants edit the audio to fit with the film. 

All the props will be provided but we are more then happy to include any provided by yourselves. When the workshop is complete we watch the film back and discuss the groups masterpiece.

Example Video’s

Workshop Specifications

Equipment Provided

MakoEducation provide props, recording equipment, projector, computers and 20 iPads.

Groups Size

1 – 30

Equipment Needed From Venue

No equipment needed.

Mako Staff


Space Required

An open space is required for the recording of the sound effects. Seated area also required if 4 or 8 hour session is booked.

Age Range