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About Us


At MakoEducation we deliver innovative workshops and projects in modern digital media, using the latest technologies, to inspire young people. We also deliver workshops to help teachers, youth workers and trainers to gain a better understanding of the changing world of digital media.

We dedicate ourselves to delivering the highest standard of educational services.  Our ethos is to inspire and have fun whilst teaching.


Declaration – Innovate, Inspire, Achieve

Innovate = Combining expertise of the latest technology with modern teaching techniques.

Inspire = Introducing new challenges  and experiences to learners that are designed to  inspire.

Achieve = Get the most out of people and discovering talents they did not know existed.


Our workshops come in a variety of forms to suit your needs, ranging from two hour sessions to weekly full day sessions.  All of our sessions are based around media technologies and techniques, the workshops are developed so they integrate easily with your curriculum and/or learning needs. Click Here for more info


Our training programs are designed for anyone with an interest in improving their multimedia knowledge and ability. Each course is tailored to deliver what you need and can be adapted to suit teachers, youth workers or trainers. Sessions range from full days to a series of two hour sessions.  Click Here for more info.


We have spent years researching, testing, installing and evaluating the latest technology developments in an educational environment. This knowledge gives us an in-depth understanding of new and existing technology to help you choose the right technology to meet your requirements and be of most benefit to you. Click Here for more info.

Why Choose MakoEducation

MakoEducation are the most advanced and competent media workshop and training team in the North West. We guarantee that you will be blown away with the delivery of our services. MakoEducation is the perfect choice if you are looking to enhance your classes, School Activities (extended schools services provider), positive creative workshops, activities and events, or increase your own media knowledge, confidence and  skills.

Before MakoEducation

Before MakoEducation, Mako’s Founders Sean O’Hare and Ian Pye worked for Halton Borough Council at the Widnes City Learning Centre. Their role at the CLC was to provide innovative learning experiences for students in the Halton area, that utilised modern multimedia tools and techniques to enhance the local schools curriculum. Here they developed custom lesson plans around the intended lesson goals and outputs. The lessons were designed to engage students with their learning whilst still achieving the subjects core objectives. The overall experience was ground breaking both students and teachers enjoyed working with us at the CLC’s facility. Unfortunately due to government cutbacks all the CLC’s have now been closed, MakoEducation was created to continue offering innovative lessons and workshops in North West England.

*All of our team are Advanced CRB checked.