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Bank Road Primary School – Titanic, Green Screen Video

Bank road primary school LiverpoolWe worked with Year 3 at Bank road primary school on a green screen video workshop.  Bank road primary school had been studying the titanic in history and wanted a creative way for the students to be able to explain the things they had learnt. We met with their teacher (Vicky McGorry) a few weeks before the session and explained all of the options available, Vicky liked the sound of our Green Screen Video Workshop. We explained that the students would need to have a script ready for the project. Vicky worked the script writing into the students curriculum so when we turned up on the day the students where ready to go.

During the workshop the students;  learnt how green screen video worked, acted out their parts, choose a suitable background, and see their videos come to life. The class did a fantastic job and had written some very entertaining and factual scrips about the titanic.

Quote from Vicky McGorry – Teacher Y3 Banks Road School

I found working with MakoEducation a very rewarding and professional experience from start to finish. Sean and his colleague fully briefed me about how the day was going to run and what was needed to ensure the students got the best possible outcome. MakoEducation ensured that the children had a great day and really saw all of their hard work come to life. The children understood that they had had been writing for a purpose and really saw this come to life. This has helped to embed their knowledge and refine their writing in a whole new way. I am really looking forward to the next project!

If you would like to use MakoEducation to help your school bring subjects to life, please contact us.