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Community Projects Services

MakoEducation works with young people in the community by using engaging technology to involve and educate them in new and exciting ways. Our services are designed to give all participants a fantastic experience and have been developed to get all young people involved in something they can be proud of.  By encouraging the young people to take ownership of their creations, MakoEducation feels that we are more likely to have a positive impact on their lives and make a change. Our media services can be tailored to achieve a number of goals and objectives, we feel the most important part of our workshops is not the technology, but what each participant achieves by using it.

MakoEducation Community Based ProjectsCommunity Based Projects

Community Based Projects are a great to enhance learning by engaging your young people and offer them the chance to develop new skills over a number of sessions. Our projects utilise the major sections of media, including video, audio, photography and design. We tailor all of our projects to suit your requirements.

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MakoEducation Community Based Workshops

Community Based Workshops

Creative media workshops are a fantastic way to allow young people to try their hand at something new. Our workshops cover all the major sections of media, including video, audio, photography and design.

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MakoEducation Multimedia TrainingCommunity Based Media Training

Our training programs are designed to improve participants skills and attitudes towards multimedia technology. Our training courses utilise the latest techniques and online  technology to keep you ahead of the game. We can also offer tailor made training packages to suit your individual needs.

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