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Digital Photography

Workshop Outline

The participants will discover the techniques and tools required to take their digital photography skills to the next level. This workshop has two delivery options.


We explain typical digital camera features and settings above and beyond ‘auto’ settings, we will also explain aperture and shutter speed settings to encourage the participants to experiment and understand their camera inside and out.


This workshop is designed to help the participants to think about photos and how they can be improved.  Participants learn a variety of photo editing skills and post production techniques to help bring digital photos to life.  

Workshop Specifications

Equipment Provided

MakoEducation can provide 20 iPads.

Groups Size

1 – 20

Equipment Needed From Venue

One iPad per participant is required. You would be required to provide additional cameras for groups >20.

Mako Staff


Space Required

A space outside works well for taking photos. Longer sessions require a space with tables and chairs for editing photos. (Perfect for a computer room)

Age Range




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