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eBook Creation

eBook Creation

eBooks are electronic books that can be read on a range of devices. As well as text and images some eBooks also include audio and video clips. Our eBook creation workshop teaches participants all of the skills required to create their own eBook.

Workshop Outline

During the workshop the participants will learn how to plan and create their own eBooks. Attendees learn a range of digital skills in the areas of graphic design, photography, video, audio and typography.

The ability to tell a story through such a wide range of media allows authors to create eBooks that use more of their readers senses. This gives eBook authors more scope to be creative when producing their narrative.

As ebooks can cover almost any topic, this workshop can be used to create eBooks for practically any situation. 

Adding The Wow Factor

If you are looking to wow the readers, the session can be combined with some of our other workshops to enhance the media that is used in the eBooks. Here are our favourite three workshops to combine with eBook creation.

  1.  Green Screen & Special Effects – Adding videos/images with special effects.
  2. Stop-Motion Animation  – Adding stop-motion animations.
  3. Digital Photography – Adding edited photos.

There are many other workshop combinations that would work, take look at our other workshops by pressing the button below.

Digital Media Workshops.

Photo Gallery

Workshop Specifications

Equipment Provided

MakoEducation can provide 20 iPads.

Groups Size

1 – 20

Equipment Needed From Venue

Tables and chairs required.

Mako Staff

1 member of staff for groups of up to 10 participants.

2  members of staff for groups between 10 & 20 participants

Space Required

A room that is big enough to hold the number of young people involved in the project with tables and chairs.

Age Range