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All of our Schools and Community projects, workshops and training sessions are designed to be as ‘Hands On’ as possible. To facilitate our sessions being ‘Hands On’ we have a variety of media equipment that allows participants to create a wide range of digital media. Below we have included a list of our most commonly used equipment and information about which of our workshops they are utilised in.

20x iPads MinisiPads

Our iPad minis come packed with two cameras, microphones, speakers and amazing displays. When you combine this inbuilt hardware with 3rd party external hardware and innovative Apps you have a device that is capable of producing digital creations in a wide range of media formats. This versatility combined with the ease of transport and set up means that they can be used in almost any environment.

We use the iPads in our Computer Game DesignDigital PhotographyDigital Art CreationDigital Music CompositionGreen Screen VideosStop Motion AnimationCreative Film Makers and Podcast Creation Workshops.

Mobile Film Studiomobile film Studio

Our mobile film studio can turn almost any venue into a film studio. The studio comes equipped with HD video cameras, audio recording facilities, lighting setup and green screen (chroma key) facilities. Depending on the project, the film studio can either be used with Mako staff  to produce videos or with Mako staff assisting participants to film and edit videos.

We use the mobile film studio in our Green Screen Videos workshop and Event Filming services

Mobile Recording StudioYouth Centre Recording Studio Workshop

Our mobile recording studio transforms almost any venue into a recording studio. The studio comes equipped with a sound desk, audio interface, speakers, headphones, a wide range of microphones/stands, and CD burning equipment. Depending on the project the recording studio can be used with Mako staff producing the audio recording or with Mako staff assisting participants to record and edit audio.

We use the  studio in our Mobile Recording Studio and Sound Effects and Foley  workshops.

Your Own Equipment 

Do you own media equipment getting dusty from lack of use? MakoEducation can work with you to design and deliver projects and workshops that get you making the most of the equipment you own.

Please feel free to contact us to book a FREE meeting to discus your equipment and how it could be fully utilised.