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Glitch Art

Glitch Art

Glitch art is a form of art that is created by introducing  digital or analog errors to media. There are many ways to create glitch art but it’s generally created by either corrupting digital data or by physically manipulating electronic devices and using this output to create art.

Workshop Outline

Our glitch art workshop teaches the participants what glitch art is and how to create their own art work. The attendees learn how to create glitch art images, videos and GIFs.

No previous experience is necessary to take part in this workshop. Attendees learn a range of digital skills in the areas of photography, image editing and video production.

Photo Gallery

Below are some images creations from one of our glitch art sessions.

Workshop Specifications

Equipment Provided

MakoEducation can provide 20 iPads.

Groups Size

1 – 20

Equipment Needed From Venue

Tables and chairs required.

Mako Staff

1 member of staff for groups of up to 10 participants.

2  members of staff for groups between 10 & 20 participants

Space Required

A room that is big enough to hold the number of young people involved in the project with tables and chairs.

Age Range