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Into Film CPD Training Programme.

MakoEducation are working in partnership with Into Film to deliver free Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The training is suitable for any educator working with young people aged 5-19, and is open to teachers, teaching assistants, youth and community groups and library staff. Into Film CPD training covers:

Film literacy – Film is a powerful tool to engage young people, capture their imaginations and bring the written word to life. Our training demonstrates the benefits of using film as text developing learners’ critical thinking, analytical and contextualisation skills.

Filmmaking – Filmmaking enables learners to develop a wide range of exciting, creative curricular and transferable skills. Our Filmmaking CPD makes use of film as a teaching tool, encouraging deep and active learning, and helps young people to take control of their own learning processes.

Take a look at the different courses below and feel free to contact us with any questions or for booking information.

FREE CPD Training Teachers Raising Literacy Attainment Through Film – Level One

2 hour- full day / Cost = Free

Participants will be introduced to a series of tools including the 3Cs (character, colour, camera) and 3Ss (story, setting, sound), which build teachers’ ability to help their learners contextualise and decode film, learning key literacy skills such as inference, deduction and analysis which can be applied to film and other texts.

Each activity is designed to help build on a learner’s comprehension, analytical and writing skills and includes an opportunity for curriculum-focused filmmaking and extended writing. All materials for this session were created in collaboration with the BFI, Bradford Media Literacy, the Northern Ireland Creative Learning Centres, NATE and our network of specialist practitioners.

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FREE CPD Training Teachers Raising Literacy Attainment Through Film – Level Two

2 hour- full day / Cost = Free

This session is recommended as a natural progression for those who have attended Raising Literacy Attainment Through Film – Level One or have completed our Teaching Literacy Through Film online course. This session will introduce a range of new and exciting activities building on the 3Cs and 3Ss tools. Techniques include working with Foley sound effects to develop descriptive writing skills, analysing mise-en-scene to improve students inference and deduction skills and working with the language of camera shots as a basis for extended writing.

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FREE CPD Training Teachers Raising Literacy Attainment Through Film – iPad version

3 hour – full day / Cost = Free

For teachers/educators who use iPads regularly in their practice. Work with a selection of apps to decode, encode, contextualise and analyse film text using the 3Cs and 3Ss framework. Each activity is designed to enable learners to make links between film and written text to develop their reading and writing skills.

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FREE CPD Training Filmmaking for Curricular Attainment

2 hour – full day / Cost = Free

This practical session will help you to improve curricular learning, assessment and attainment through the use of filmmaking techniques. Step-by-step guidance will be provided on activities including Record and Playback, 5,4,3,2,1 filmmaking and stop- motion animation with support given on how to use a range of equipment and advice on how to adapt these techniques to suit your classroom environment, specific learners’ needs and assessment objectives.

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FREE CPD Training Teachers Stop Motion Animation

2 hour – full day / Cost = Free

Watch, analyse and create animations. Explore narrative, planning and design through claymation, silhouette, paper cut and pixellation animation. Learn how stop-frame animations can be made in the classroom using a range of technology such as digital cameras, iPads and smart phones; and edited using a variety of programmes. The session will also examine the ways in which animation can be used as a framework for a range of curricular needs, encouraging active learning and helping raise attainment for a range of assessment objectives.

Ask Questions / Book Session.

First Steps Filmmaking

2 hours – full day / Cost = Free

This fun session will build educator confidence in filmmaking. Filmmaking develops not just student voice, but a range of skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, and creativity. Beginning with the analysis of film texts, the session’s activities include filmmaking and stop motion animation. Educators will be equipped with a range of strategies to increase young people’s interest and understanding of the film industry. Particularly suitable for use within film clubs, youth and community groups and library settings, as well as schools with an interest in filmmaking.

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Free CPD Training Learning through film: relationships, health and wellbeing


90 Minutes / Cost = Free

Particularly suitable for teachers of PSHE, PSE, Health and Wellbeing, LLW and Citizenship, this session is designed to develop teachers’ confidence in tackling anti-bullying through film. Use film as a tool to examine appropriate behaviours through analysis of on-screen action and enable students to positively express their thoughts, voice and learning through filmmaking. This session is for educators working with 7-14 year olds.

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Staying Safe Online

90 Minutes / Cost = Free

A session for teachers and educators of 9–16 year olds. The session will introduce some tools and techniques to enable you to feel confident to use film to start the conversation about this challenging topic and develop confidence in using active film watching and filmmaking as a teaching tool in this context. The activities support learners to discuss themes, issues and questions prompted by a film text stimulus and analyse and demonstrate appropriate behaviour and action.

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FREE CPD TrainingMusic and Soundtracking CPD

My First Riff

2 hours – full day / Cost = Free

This session is for teachers of 5-11 year olds, to develop confidence and a range of strategies to work with film soundtracks across the curriculum as stimulus to develop listening, discussion, analysis, reading, writing, composition and filmmaking skills. This session will provide activities and tools to encourage pupils to really listen to soundtracks, to visualise and hear sounds in film and written texts, create their own music and sounds to accompany film text and create pieces of writing using the language of sound.

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My Riff

Full Day / Cost = Free

This session is for educators of 11-16 year olds. The session is appropriate for school and non-school settings and provides a range of activities for active analysis of film soundtracks, including pieces from the current GCSE Music specification. The session also provides a framework and training to enable educators to work with learners to create a film soundtrack in a day, which can be stimulus for a composition piece as part of the music curriculum or equip young people with the skills required to soundtrack their own films.

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