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We kick started our Into Film CPD training at the Manchester Macdonald Hotel. We delivered two full days of film based training to a range of teaching staff from across Manchester and beyond. During the session,  we asked our teachers to work in groups on a range of activities to discover different ways that film can be used to help enhance learning and engagement throughout the curriculum in their schools.

The CPD training that we deliver is designed by Into Film to be suitable for all teaching staff, regardless of their filmmaking knowledge or experience, making it perfect for our guests who were just beginning their creative film journey.

We covered lots of different film based training activities across both days (For more on what we deliver, please visit our Into Film CPD Training Page) and all of our training was focused on hands-on and creative ways film can be used across all subjects, for students of all ages and abilities.

Our hands on CPD Training

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We gave instruction on how to make videos in a classroom environment. We encouraged our teachers to get proactive in making their own films and have fun. This involves:

  • Group discussions to encourage teamwork
  • Creating a storyboard to help plan and problem solve.
  • Filming for practical hands-on experience
  • A playback screening for self and peer assessment.

This part of the training was very hands-on and got people out of their seats and enabled everyone to bring their own creative expression, whilst also giving them a sense of how this style of learning can be beneficial in their own classrooms.


From CPD Training to the classroom

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How could filmmaking be used in the classroom? This was one of the talking points of the day. We had educators from different areas of education, all expressing that their students had different learning needs and requirements.

During the training, our participants discovered that for teaching staff who work with SEN students, filmmaking can be a great practical exercise, especially for students who struggle with literacy. 

My students really stuggle with their written assessments, so having the confidence to show them a different way to capture their learning with filmmaking, will be really exciting, both for me and my students.

After the session, we asked participants on how they might plan on incorporating their newfound filmmaking skills into their classroom and curriculum. Suggestions included creating video book reviews to demonstration students understanding and encourage class discussion. Another suggestion was planning and recording a science-based news report for the bodies reaction to viruses and how the immune system works.

It was widely agreed, after the training, that filmmaking is a very transferrable skill, which can be used to help build strong connections with any area of the curriculum.

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The session was a roaring success, but don’t worry if you feel that you’ve missed out!  There’s still time to get involved.

Our sessions are completely free and we can even come to you to deliver this fantastic Into Film CPD training.


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