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Kath Watts – Wigan Council – Lead for Dyslexia Friendly Schools

Kath Watts – Wigan Council – Lead for Dyslexia Friendly Schools

As part of our six day Dyslexia Friendly Schools course we needed someone to come in and deliver some iPad training on using film making techniques. Many of the teachers we had on previous courses had expressed their lack of knowledge on how to use iPads in the classroom. We contacted Makoeducation and described to Sean what we needed. We explained that many dyslexic students find it difficult to write down and organise their understanding of different subjects and we felt that being able to use films might be a way forward in helping them present their work in a different format. Sean assured us that he would be able to help the teachers become competent in the film making techniques that are available on iPads.

Sean was punctual and brought with him twenty iPads for the teachers to use during the training. He put the teachers into small groups and firstly showed them how to make brief notes on the iPads. They were then asked to write a short scene on a given subject that was to include some dialogue. Sean then showed everyone how to use iMovies and explained the many features that can help to improve the films e.g. fading in and out, adding music or sound effects etc. The teachers all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and their short films were shared with the group to conclude the morning. The evaluations forms and comments made by the teachers clearly showed that they felt able to use film making in their classrooms and described how excited they felt about helping those students who find it most difficult to record their understanding.

Kath Watts

Lead for Dyslexia Friendly Schools

TESS (Targeted Education Support Service)

Wigan Council