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LGBT | Stop-Motion Animation

Project Brief.

MakoEducation got the chance to work with the LGBT group at Mahdlo on a film making and animation project. The project ran for four weekly sessions. Mahdlo wanted to give the group the chance to create a short video on a subject that was important to them.

What we did.

As the brief for this project was quite open our main aim for the first session was to come up with a plan that the LGBT group would be able to complete over the next three sessions. After discussing lots of different ideas with the group, they decided to go with the idea of creating a stop-motion animation that explained the different parts of the LGBT community. When we started to break this idea down it became clear that we would not have time to address all of the parts of the community so the group decided which of the parts to cover and explain.

With a plan in place we spent the next three sessions creating the stop-motion animations and recording the voice overs for the video, all of the members of the group got the chance to create one of the scenes in the animation. We decided to use iPads and  Lego for to create the animation as this meant that the group did not have to spend time designing and creating characters, they could start animating almost immediately.

Once we had completed all of the animations we exported the video files and edited them together adding the voice overs we had recorded and music.

Mahdlo Feedback

The members of the LGBT group at Mahdlo expressed a desire to make a film to help others understand a little more about what LGBT stood for. We asked Mako Education if they could help and they worked alongside the group to bring their ideas to life. The result, although simple and brief,  is one of the best LGBT films created by young people we’ve ever seen. Mako Education gave our young people the tools they needed to express themselves in a powerful way and allowed them the freedom to create something which was wholly theirs.

Steve Beal – Arts – Mahdlo