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“Made In England” Celebration for St George’s Day | Making A Mural Using Green Screen Tech

Project Brief.

MakoEducation was asked to come up with a unique way which would help Mahdlo to celebrate the range of cultures and diversity within their youth centre, in the build up to St George’s Day. The project was to run for three weeks and the aim was to have a piece of art to display within Mahdlo on St Georges Day. Mahdlo wanted to give all patrons the chance to contribute to the creation of a piece of media that would accumulate into a celebration of diversity within the centre, which would also reflect and celebrate the diversity of cultures within England.

What we did.

As the output for this project was quite open, in terms of what media they wanted to use, our aim prior to the first session was to come up with a plan of action. We needed to come up with an idea were all users of the centre could contribute towards the final piece over three weekly sessions. After discussing lots of different ideas with the Mahdlo staff, we decided to go with the idea of creating a photographic collage using green screen technology that would accumulate into a St George’s cross mural for the large display board in the centre.

To do this we allocated two sessions towards using our green screen technology to take photos of as many people as possible on their choice of either a red or white background. Subjects where asked to bring props to demonstrate their interests and hobbies to help demonstrate the range of diversity and interests throughout the centre.

The final session was spent pinning the individual photos up on to a large notice board. Each person who had their photo taken was asked to pin their picture up on the wall in accordance to the layout plan. The result was something that both MakoEducation and Mahdlo were extremely proud of, for two main reasons –

  • We were proud to develop and work on a project that promoted diversity and celebrated a difference in cultures.
  • We were proud of all the people who took part in the photo taking to help contribute to such a collaborative project.

Take a look at the photos and video to see the project in action: