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MakoEducation + Children’s University Partnership

MakoEducation + Children’s University Partnership

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We are really excited to announce our new relationship with Children’s University who work with schools, local communities, businesses, learning providers and other organisations who believe in the power of inspirational learning outside the classroom.

Children’s University aims to help children realise their aspirations and better equip them for the future.  The great news is that MakoEducation is now on board as a validated national Learning Destination, which means that for each hour spent in one of our workshops, one Children’s University stamp can be earned.

The growing Children’s University network is currently made up of more than 20 Universities and Higher Education Institutions, over 1,000 schools and more than 5,000 public places of learning.

Take a look at this video from the Leeds Children’s University to get an idea of what the Children’s University is all about.

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Together, the opportunities they offer to children are accessed by over 110,000 children who last year alone took part in excess of 3.6 million hours of learning beyond the classroom.

Contact us if you are interested in running any of our amazing digital workshops whilst earning Children’s University stamps.

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