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MakoEducation’s First Year of Into Film CPD

MakoEducation’s First Year of Into Film CPD

2016 was MakoEducation’s first year of delivering Continual Professional Development on behalf of Into Film. It was a whirlwind year that saw us train over 850 educators including teachers, trainee teachers, library staff and youth workers. It’s been a blast travelling all across the north-west, meeting new faces and getting to help people understand how film can be used to enhancing learning for all ages.


While it’s still unclear as to what 2017 holds for our Free CPD training opportunities, we’ve loved delivering these training courses on behalf of Into Film and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to deliver more sessions in the coming year. We’d love to be able to work with some of the amazing people we’ve already met and we’re looking forward to working with new educators across the north-west, so look out for email updates or more information on our website soon.


Over the past 12 months, we’ve help educators produce hundreds of videos and animations as part of this CPD project. Here is a small sample of the output we’ve helped participants create as part our film based activities, including simple record and playbacks, 54321s and stop-motion animations.

If you'd like more Information on MakoEducation's Fun Training Activies

We’re looking forward to seeing all the fantastic work that our educators and young participants create off the back of our training, so if you’d like forward any videos to us, please feel free to link us via email or on social networks.

If you would like further details on how you can use Into Films amazing resources (for free) please visit:

If you would like more information regarding registering your school/facility as a film club please visit: