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MineCraft Team Challenge

MineCraft Team Challenge

MineCraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to work individually or as part of a team to build their own worlds. We like to think of it like a digital version of Lego.

Workshop Outline

MineCraft Team Challenge

Participants work in teams to complete a variety of  build challenges during our MineCraft Workshop. These challenges can be customised to suit different events, subjects, times of year etc and can also change in difficulty depending on the experience the participants have using MineCraft.

Each challenge has a time limit and the players have to work as a team to design and create their response to the build challenge. Once the time is up, the teams review each others creations and feed back on what they liked about each design and build. This process is then repeated throughout the session.

Design and print a MineCraft character.

Generally when playing MineCraft you play as a character called Steve. This can be a bit boring when everyone on your team looks the same. To solve this we can also run a design your own character workshop that allows the participants to design their own character that they can play as during the game. They can also print off and create a real life 3D model of the character (see images below)

Photo Gallery

Workshop Specifications

Equipment Provided

MakoEducation can provide 20 iPads.

Groups Size

1 – 20

Equipment Needed From Venue

Tables and chairs required.

Mako Staff

1 member of staff for groups of up to 10 participants.

2  members of staff for groups between 10 & 20 participants

Space Required

A room that is big enough to hold the number of young people involved in the project with tables and chairs.

Age Range