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Music Events

Whether your preformance be a Musical, Choir Concert, Band Night or any other type of music based event, you have a lot of options available when it comes to capturing the event.

We have created three packages to suit all budgets and requirements.

If you would like to customise any details in these packages please contact us with your requirements and we will create a bespoke package for you.


Packages are designed for.

  • Carol Concerts
  • Musicals
  • Talent Shows
  • Band Nights


CD of the show

  •  Filming Of Event
  •  Multitrack Audio
  • Audio Mix
  •  Photography 
  •  Master DVD
  • Master CD
From £150


CD & DVD of show

  •  2x HD Cameras
  •  Multitrack Audio
  • Audio Mix
  •  Photography 
  • Master DVD
  • Master CD
From £395


Our Ultimate Event Capture

  • 3x HD Cameras
  •  Multitrack Audio
  • Audio Mix
  •  Photography 
  •  Master DVD
  • Master CD
From £950


Can we purchase extra CDs/DVDs?

Yes you can order more copies of the CD/DVD. Extra copies of the DVD can be purchased for £5 each. If you are interested in purchasing more then 20 copies of the CD/DVD please contact us for a quote.

Can we sell the CD/DVD?

This all depends on the copyright of the performance.  If the show has been created by yourselves and contains no copyrighted material, you are fine to sell CDs/DVDs of the performance. If the performance does not consist of origianl material or you are not sure about the copyright status of the show, please contact us with the details and we will inform you of your options.

Discount for multiple bookings?

If you have multiple performances throughout the year that you would like to be captured. Booking multiple event allows us to offer you a discout on these performances. Please contact us for more details.

How long does it take create the DVD?

It takes two weeks from filming the event to and the footage and create the CD/DVD of the performance. If you need a quick turn around contact us and we will quote you for a priority edit of your event.

What does multitrack audio mean?

In short, multitrack audio means that all of the audio is recorded separately.

Often live performance videos take a stereo mix feed from the audio desk. The problem with working this way is that the music and microphone levels have been mixed and balanced for a live audience not someone watching/listening at home on a CD/DVD.

We multitrack the audio signals from the desk so that we can mix and balance them specifically for the CD/DVD. This giving the viewer the best possible audio quality.

How do we receive the photos from the event?

We will deliver a DVD of the images with the finished video of the event.

How do you design the DVD?

Our design team will create a stylish DVD and cover with information about the performance and your establishment. If you have any special design requirements we can nearly always incorporate these into the design.

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