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How to use Pupil Premium to Boost Attainment

How to use Pupil Premium to Boost Attainment

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools so that they can support their disadvantaged pupils and close the gap in attainment between themselves and their peers. It was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have registered for free school meals (FSM) at any point since the funding was introduced. It also includes children that are in care and those children whose parents are service personnel.

Pupil premium has risen to over the years, with schools attracting around £900 per child. For primary schools, there will be a rise ton £1,300 and £1,900 for looked after children. Children in secondary education there will be a pupil premium allowance of around £934 per child who is eligible for pupil premium.

How can technology help via pupil premium?

With technology becoming more prominent not only in the classroom setting but in life, in general we look at the numerous benefits of embracing technology. For pupil premium children, introducing access to technology can help engage these children in any subject.


Firstly, those children who are eligible for pupil premium will not have the same access to technology as their peers and will feel left out. Giving these children the opportunity to enhance their learning outside the classroom environment, to blend learning, playing and social engagement with other children as well as building new relationships.

For more information on the impact of technology on pupil premium please have a look through this toolkit from the education endowment foundation.

How MakoEducation can bridge the gap in attainment?

We inspire children to get creative with technology, which can aid with literacy skills and improve confidence (to name but a few benefits). With Pupil Premium students, we encourage them to create multimedia content such as videos, podcasts and blogs. This content can be about particular life events, family issues or other problems and emotions which they may find difficult to express face to face with other adults. Using media as a creative outlet is also fantastic for students who find it difficult to express themselves in written text.

We offer a variety of fun and creative workshops that will motivate not just Pupil Premium students, but every child in your school. Some of the fantastic workshops we offer are; Lego Stop-Motion Animation, Code a Drone Programming, Creative Digital Arts and CPD training for teachers to be more confident in working with Film and Multimedia Technology.

Here at MakoEducation we understand that every child has their own individual learning needs, so we aim to knock down any barriers that prevent children from realising their full potential.

Click here for the full range of our school-based workshops or follow us on social media to see our fantastic workshops in action.

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