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The Lift Project – Video Diaries

The Lift Project – Video Diaries

MakoEducation was given the opportunity to work with The Lift Project to help document the effect their work has had with young children and their families.

The Lift Project’s objective is to work with families with young children who, for whatever reason, are having a difficult time and feel like the world is against them. The Lift Project team aims to work with families to understand what is not working and to help them make positive changes in their lives.

MakoEducation used digital video technology and practices to document and explore the effects the project has had. We started with a series of basic video capture workshops, where we looked at the various ways you can record different subjects using flip cameras. We explored camera settings, angles and movements before asking the families to take their cameras home and bring back “fly on the wall” documentation of their everyday lives.

After a number of sessions, each family had gather a substantial bank of footage. We then used this footage with the families to create their own “behind the scenes” documentaries (using MacBooks and iMovie) that were all about their own personal lives . These short videos acted as documentary evidence for the project administrators as proof that the project was working, as well as acting as a tool to access what areas could be improved upon.

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